Shellharbour City Driving School is a locally run business and has been operating in the Illawarra for the past 16 years, we service the area from Kiama to Figtree.  We have assisted many students from all ages and backgrounds.


We would like to think we are approachable and have a friendly happy nature which ensures students immediately gain a good rapport with us.  Our Instructors are patient and very experienced with teaching nervous or anxious students learning to drive and preparing for their driving test.


Our students are taught safe driving practices in a friendly and relaxed environment imparting a wealth of knowledge from within the Driver Training Industry as being Driving Instructors and also on the other side as a Driver Testing Officer with the RTA/RMS.   

If you're turning 85 or over and having to do your Aged Driving Assessment and find that this can be quite a daunting experience; we can help by making the process easier for you by ensuring that you are at the required standard. Don't hesitate to contact us for either a refresher lesson or/and the Driving Assessment. This can be done instead of going through the RMS (Service NSW).  We have been helping our Aged Community for over 11 years.

We Offer:

3-1 Structured Lessons

Patient and understanding female instructors

Dual Control automatic and manual vehicles

Lesson plans discussed

High Pass Rate

Help with log book Hrs

Preparing for driving assessment

Seniors Driving Assessments

OT Driving Lessons



I have been running Shellharbour City Driving School for the past 17+ years.  In this time I have been involved with many families and taught a lot of different people from all ages and backgrounds.  

Being an accredited aged assessor;  I can  also conduct the required 2 yearly assessments to help alleviate some of the stress out of the process.  


I was involved in my own Driving School for 7 years and moved onto a position with RTA/RMS as a Driver Testing Officer for 13 years.  

Im enjoying my return to Driving Instructing as I have always been passionate about passing on safe driving skills.

Skills are important to keep updated and I have continued to do this with a Course at Sydney University for Rehabilitation & Disability Driver Training.Through this training it has enabled me better understand and to help Students who suffer with Anxiety issues and also Students with mild Aspergers.

I have also completed further training in Workplace Training & Assessment and the Facilitation and Coaching of the Safer Driver Course... 

Being affiliated with APIA Driving School who is accredited to Provide this Course, now enables me to bring this Service to our Young 17-25yr age learner's. This Course Credits them to a Bonus 20 Hrs in their Learner Driver Log Book Hours.  Here they learn many safe driving strategies that will assist them in not only passing their Driving Test through learning the Low Risk Driving Skills but will also assist them navigate safely through life's twists and turns.

We look forward to meeting and helping many students and families along their journeys with safety being a priority on our roads.